What Gear Do You Really Need for Wedding Photography?

Wedding photography is one of the largest and most varied areas of photography around. Different photographers have different styles, and no wedding album will be exactly the same. Many wedding photographers have kit worth tens of thousands which can be quite off-putting for somebody just breaking into this industry. So what kind of kit do you really need in order to take stunning wedding photos?

he answer might surprise you. You may think you need ten different lenses, four different cameras and every accessory under the sun, but it isn't necessary. Yes, wedding photography is an unpredictable beast. After all, you're capturing an event as it unfolds which means it's largely out of your control. However, changing lenses all the time really isn't something you're going to want to do.

You'll want to be able to move around quickly while keeping an eye on the celebrations as they happen. In the time it takes you to select a lens, remove the old one, attach the new one, turn the camera on, frame, focus and then finally take the photo, the opportunity has probably passed you by. What you really need is a lens that suits many different situations, but is there really such a thing?

What Lenses Do You Need?


Many photographers (and indeed, couples) these days prefer a reportage style of photography – candid shots beautifully captured while everybody goes about their business, seemingly unaware of the camera being pointed at them. It's natural and it's flattering. For this style (and many others besides) a longer lens is often preferred; a mid range zoom, maybe longer. Depending on lighting conditions, it'll have to be fairly fast to make life easier (using a flash is one of these variables, something I'll get to later). The ability to zoom means you'll be less of an intrusion and more likely to get far more natural shots, as you won't be sitting in people's laps as you take their photo.


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