Want to Know how to Take Amazing Group Photos?

by Russell Goodman

Sure, everyone wants to know how to take amazing group photos – and if you’re the “photographer” at the time, and your friends are like, “hey grab your camera so we can get a shot together”!

Pressure’s on, now. Everyone’s waiting…..

You know what you need now? Some self-belief. Let’s build your confidence then and get you to where you want to be so that next time, instead of going wobbly at the knees and leaving the pop-up flash on with the lens cap still attached, saying “yeah….sure” all nervously, you can feel totally ready.

Rather than Group Portraits per se, we’re looking today more at “Group Shots”, a more informal approach if you like. We’re going to touch on the following: Posing Tips, Camera Settings and General Tips.

Top Posing Tips for Group Shots

If you’re at a birthday for example and you’re shooting a group of family and/or friends, consider placing the main subject (i.e. the person celebrating their special day) in the center.

This works well when everyone is looking at the person – loads of laughs here, please and also everyone looking at the camera too!

If we’re still considering less formal shots, place taller members at the back of the group – this is great not only to stop blocking people but also keeping heads on different levels which makes it a pretty fool-proof and basic way of improving your compositions.

Have some fun! Get groups to move or be at ease, it doesn’t have to feel rigid – even getting people to walk slowly allows a look of some flow and creates natural “posing.” This can work both walking away from and toward the camera/photographer.

Get everyone to raise their chins – no one likes to look like they’ve got a double chin! Your group will thank you later on, I assure you….

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