Top Tips for Shooting Your First Family Photography Session

Family photography can be incredibly rewarding, although is not without its potential pitfalls. Some children love having their photos taken and will perform for the camera. Others would rather be anywhere else than standing in a posed group shot with mum and dad.

As with many situations, preparation is key to remaining calm and unruffled—even when a small child makes a nose print on your shiny new lens!

Before taking on a paid assignment, consider offering friends and family some free of charge sessions. These will help you to establish a basic portfolio and to develop your style. Then, once you’ve booked your first family photography portrait session, these tips should help you rise to the challenge.

Before the session

Find out the children’s ages. If you’re not familiar with children of those ages, research key skills and developmental milestones—build an idea of the kinds of shots you might expect to be able to capture. Sitting, clapping, waving, wobbly steps—sites like Baby Center are invaluable for this.

Create a loose game plan for the session: what shots do you want to take? Typically, this will include a group shot of the whole family together, one of the siblings together, mum with the children, dad with the children, and each child individually. Consider the locations: indoor or outdoor? In the family’s home or hire a studio?...

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