Why The Camera Matters, But Not in The Way You’re Thinking

by Jacob James

For as long as I’ve been photographing, I’ve always had a soft spot for gear and the technical side of photography. In the beginning, I was obsessed with getting the best camera I could afford, which, ironically, was a refurbished entry-level Nikon DSLR—not exactly the pinnacle of camera technology at the time.

How To Use A Styled Photo Shoot To Build Your Portfolio And Attract Wedding Clients

Why Do A Styled Shoot?

When you are doing work for a paying client you don’t usually have the opportunity to slow down and experiment. A wedding day is very fast-paced, you don’t typically have time to really try something completely out of your normal style. Doing a styled shoot will allow you the time to try new techniques, poses, etc, and hone your skills.