Portrait photography: a definitive journey through the customer experience


This article (and the journey, listed below) is a long one, so I’m going to keep the intro here very short. Let’s get right into an example journey (customer experience) that you can guide your clients through as a portrait photographer.

When the client is visiting your website

  • Have an outstanding portfolio. Make sure to keep some images “up your sleeve” though.
  • Make sure your images are large and look great (they’re sharp, not pixellated, etc.).
  • Make sure your website looks great on a mobile device.
  • Ensure your website delivers a simple, streamlined experience on the web.
  • Integrate social media for social proof somewhere on your site.
  • Embed a personal greeting from you (or some video introducing you) to establish rapport.
  • Show a short testimonial video to establish trust.
  • Make sure you have recent blog posts (if you blog).
  • Ensure that you have a filled out profile on Google.

When the client inquires with you

  • Follow-up with an email reply within 24 hours.
  • If you haven’t heard back, follow-up with another email reply in 4 days. Include a personalized Gallery with images tailored just for them based on the details you have already from their wedding.
  • If you still haven’t heard back, follow-up with a phone reply in 4 days.

Once the client has booked you

  • Once the client lets you know they’re ready to book you, guide them through the process and let them know what the next steps are.
  • Give them a great experience in booking you. Make it easy.
  • Mail them a thank-you card within 24 hours of them booking you.
  • Schedule a time for you to visit their home for a design consultation.

Once you’ve scheduled the design consultation

  • Email them the day before to confirm the design consultation and remind them. Include any special instructions they may need to be aware of, and tell them what you’ll need from them.
  • Within two hours of the design consultation, send them an email saying “thank you” and mention something personal that you discussed.
  • Within two days, follow-up with a design proposal for their wall arrangement.

Before the session

  • Two weeks before the session, send them a beautiful “style guide” PDF (or webpage) with wardrobe and preparation instructions.
  • The week before the session, touch base to schedule a time for the “viewing appointment”.
  • The day before the session, email them saying how excited you are about the session. Use this as a reminder of where you’re meeting, timelines, and so on.
  • Within two hours after the session, post a teaser image on social media.

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