by Lisa Mark

Photo Mechanic is a fast photo browser designed to quickly manage large amounts of incoming photos. Not an image editor, Photo Mechanic is an image sorter and culler that can give you a faster, streamlined workflow, using significantly less time to import, sort, categorize, and add metadata to image files. Once that’s done you can then transfer to pixel editing applications, online gallery sites, or directly to clients.

Photo Mechanic is my secret weapon. I heard about it from other pro photographer friends early in my career who said it culled photos quicker than other programs like Adobe Bridge or Lightroom. As a wedding photographer, I find Photo Mechanic helps streamline workflow following client shoots, reducing by half the time it would normally take.

I see Photo Mechanic as a hidden jewel in the workflow world. Here's why.


Photo Mechanic works fast. You can use the arrows to move between photos at lightning speed on any system. It allows me to flip quickly back and forth to easily compare images. You can also do an image-to-image split screen comparison in the program, but 99 percent of the time I don’t need to. It’s so fast that I can recall what I just saw well enough to choose one capture over the other. It’s even fast on a laptop, not just on a super powerful desktop.

April 04, 2017 by Pablo Garcia
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