How To Use A Styled Photo Shoot To Build Your Portfolio And Attract Wedding Clients

Why Do A Styled Shoot?

When you are doing work for a paying client you don’t usually have the opportunity to slow down and experiment. A wedding day is very fast-paced, you don’t typically have time to really try something completely out of your normal style. Doing a styled shoot will allow you the time to try new techniques, poses, etc, and hone your skills.

It also allows you to create work for your portfolio that really reflects your style and brand. It shows potential clients the kind of work you are capable of, and that you’d like to do more of in the future. For example, if you find you are doing many ballroom weddings, but you really want to be doing more rustic, outdoorsy type weddings doing a “rustic”, styled shoot may be a good idea. Having the images from this shoot in your portfolio will show your intention to any viewers and help match you with your ideal clients in the future.

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