How-To: Include Pets In Wedding and Engagement Portraits

Whether it's a dog, a horse, or any other pet, they can really spice up a portrait session

The more planning a couple does on their own and in collaboration with me before the day of the wedding or engagement shoot, the less stress on their big day. I recommend a trip to the groomer for their animals at least five days before being photographed to help eliminate the possibility of shedding. This also helps the animal’s coat appear shinier in the pictures.

Delegate a family member or friend to take a dog on a long walk or run the morning of the shoot to help burn off some excess energy and keep things calmer in front of the camera.

Stunning wedding attire isn’t just for the couple. There is no forgetting the fashion for your pet as well. I collaborate with my couples and suggest getting a matching leash and collar or bow tie that will pop in the photos. What is more adorable than a dog in bowtie or a fresh floral collar?

Because close to half my clients hold destination weddings, I help them find a trusted and reliable local dog sitter for the day of the wedding. This helps alleviate the worry of who is taking care of their beloved pet.

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