Consumer Reports Doesn’t Understand Why Wedding Photography Costs More

Wedding photography costs more than other types of photography believe it or not

“Weddings are expensive” is a pretty popular topic for articles on the internet, and now Consumer Reports is getting in on the action by “revealing” that wedding photography costs more than other kinds of photography. The premise of the article lies heavily on the fact that it’s simply a markup that gets applied as soon as the word “wedding” is uttered, but there’s more to it than that when it comes to photography, so let’s clear a few things up.

The first, and most obvious point to be made is that wedding photography is different than other types of photography. In the study, Consumer Reports queried several vendors with two different scenarios. Here’s the example from the article: “Some photographers inflated their pricing when the affair was a wedding. For instance, photography for a Saturday night wedding in mid-October cost $300 per hour at [photographer's name removed]. For a 50th anniversary party of the same size at the same time with an almost identical package of services, though, the charge was $150 per hour.”

It may seem fair to compare the two events because, hey, they’re happening on the same night and they last the same number of hours. But, the two are very different animals.

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