Capturing Love:

Posing Ideas for Incredible Couples Photography

Did you know that “nearly 40% of engagements occur between November and February”? Neither did we. Valentine’s Day marks the end of engagement season and since the weather is warming up I put together a gallery of some key poses and tips to prepare you for your next couples photo shoot.

When preparing for a photoshoot, it’s easy to get caught up making sure your gear is good to go and connecting with your clients, but one thing you don’t want to overlook is how to pose your couple. Awkward body language and posing are nearly impossible to fix in post-production.

One of the key things I do to prepare for a photoshoot is to create a gallery of photos to serve as a moodboard to track inspirations and references. This is a helpful tool to communicate the look & style you’re going for with your clients and crew, like hair & makeup artists.

Get to know your couple and their dynamic before your shoot. Listen for details about how they communicate with each other and what they’re passionate about.

During the shoot, interact with the couple by asking them to recount their first date or how they met. This will give them a chance to connect with each other and take their minds off of the shoot.

Keep things moving by asking the couple to stay in motion. Whether it’s walking or a simple caress, avoid stiff poses by encouraging your couple to interact with each other and their environment.

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