An Introduction to Boudoir Photography

Communication is key for great boudoir photography

Portrait photography can be extremely challenging, even when everyone involved is fully clothed, but bringing things into the boudoir can be an entirely different challenge. We asked boudoir photographer Myla González of Cheeky Boudoir in upstate New York to share some of her tips for getting started.


Preparations for your boudoir session should start well before the day of the photoshoot. Boudoir photography shoots are very intimate by nature and can be intimidating for the subject. Communication is extremely important because you want to build trust. The level of comfort and trust between the photographer and the subject is often readily evident in the final images.

Here are some essential steps for communicating with your subject:

Get to know your subject. Giving your subject a questionnaire prior to your boudoir photo shoot can help her organize her thoughts about the session. Ask her how she envisions the process as well as the final photos. Ask her which of her features she would like to flaunt in her images and which she prefers to downplay. If the subject is a client, then be sure to ask about her plans for the final photos. That will help you create the best possible final product.

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April 17, 2017 by Enrique Lara
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