7 Quick Tips for Better Photos

by Mohammed Sattar

Editor’s Note: Photographer and digital artist Mohammed Sattar doesn’t capture reality, he creates dreams. In this article he shares 7 quick tips he believes are critical for taking your photography to the next level. Read on and happy shooting!

My name is Mohammed Sattar. I’m a 26-year-old professional photographer and retoucher, and in this post I’ll provide you with my top tips for capturing and creating brilliant results:

  1. Take Advantage of Free School

YouTube gives you access to an amazing amount of free educational videos—more than 400,000 by my count. Make sure to follow some of the photography tutorial channels, they’ll show you how to master you the basics, help you develop exceptional skills in Photoshop, and teach you how to use some of the most important tools in photography.

  1. Figure Out What Inspires You

There any many photographers worth following on 500px… follow them! This will inspire and motivate you to do great things in addition to increasing your visual attention and giving you ideas that will help you improve on your own photos.

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