6 Wedding Photographers Reflect on the Beautiful Little Details

When planning a wedding, most couples place one thing at the top of their to-do list. In many cases, it isn’t color schemes, caterers, or even venues — it’s the photographer they entrust to document their day. Like every family, every wedding is different, meaning that photographers must be in tune to the needs and wishes of the individual couple. When we think about a wedding album, we normally think of a prescribed set of shots. The best wedding photos, however, deviate from that norm to reveal the nuances of each couple and their bond.

These photos stood out to us because of their attention to detail — the embellishment of a dress, the curves of the landscape, the gentle clasp of two hands. We asked six master wedding photographers from the Offset collection to let us in on the immense preparation it takes to make each shoot (and day) special. Unsurprisingly, it all comes down to understanding and getting to know the brides and grooms as people first. After that, all the beautiful little details — the rings, the flowers, the gowns, and the scenery — will fall into place.

Jessica Love: What’s really important to me in prepping for a wedding is making sure that I’ve taken the time to connect with my couple. To know what matters to them, so that I’m inspired by their personalities, and their love…

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