6 Ways to Stay Motivated and Inspired with Your Photography

By Pedro Quintela

Pedro Quintela is a history teacher, talented photographer, and one of the most motivational people on 500px. His latest piece of sage advice, published below, is for anybody who is struggling to stay motivated and inspired with their photography. Pedro recently went through a tough time himself, and shares 6 ways he rekindled that fire inside.

Regardless the kind of shooter you are, someday you’ll inevitably reach to a point when the motivation starts to fade, you slowly stop shooting, and the inspiration is gone. You should realize that, being creative individuals, motivation is a sort of short-term idea that comes from the outside while inspiration is a long-term goal that comes from inside yourself. That’s why both are so important whether photography is your profession or just a hobby.

When you reach this point, many thoughts start to take root in your mind. Am I depressed? Is this a life crisis? Why do all of my images look the same? Everyone criticizes my work because it’s no good. Or, in my personal case, I start thinking that maybe it’s time to trade in my gear for a sewing machine or a shiny new fishing kit.

Then the plot thickens when you see those gazillion-follower top shooters somehow enjoy all of the consistency and inspiration in the world. Your work starts to feel like a drop in the ocean compared to their amazing images. You think, “I’m not up top. so it’s time to leave.”

No my friend, it’s time to start seeing things from a different perspective. There’s still hope for us!...

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March 16, 2017 by Enrique Lara
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