5 Great Ways To Grow as a Photographer

Here are 5 great ways you can grow as a photographer—along with the features we’ve built to help get you there.

1) Develop your photography skills by learning from pros

It’s crazy how much there is to learn about photography. Lighting. Composition. Post-processing. There are all the specific techniques that come with different genres, from portrait photography to landscape photography. There’s the business side of it. And sure, you can read tutorials online or watch a video, but it’s more beneficial when it’s more interactive—when you can learn from the photographers you admire and get feedback on what you’re doing.

With Classes, you can learn new photography tips and techniques—on a wide variety of subjects—by taking online photography classes led by pros.

Why you want it: It’s unlike any other online learning experience when it comes to photography. You’ll have a chance to test out techniques and get feedback on your work. And you’re not learning from just anyone—you’re learning from some of the best photographers out there.

A quick peek at some upcoming Classes and instructors:

  • Make your landscape photos more stunning with tips from Marcin Sobas, a photographer who’s an expert at making places look dreamlike and fantastical. (April 29-May 1)
  • Photographer and director Joel Bear—who’s worked for clients like Lululemon, American Express, and Google—teaches you how to handle a photo shoot like a pro. (May 18-20)
  • Learn how to photograph the night sky with Emmy award-winning photographer Tanner Wendell Stewart. (May 25-27)

Check out the full roster of upcoming Classes here.

Classes will be included in the new Awesome, Pro, and Pro+ plans.

2) Get insights into how your photos are performing

When you’re putting your work out there, you want to know how people are reacting to it. How much attention and engagement are your photos getting? Where are people finding your photos? Maybe your photo hit the Popular page, or maybe you saw some notifications about likes and comments you got… but you want to know more.

With Advanced Stats, you’ll now be able to see more details on how your photos are performing on 500px.

Why you want it: When you get access to more info about how people interact with your images, you can learn how to grow your audience—and get motivated to keep sharing your work with the world.

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