25 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Children

Children Photography

By Randy Klein

Anyone who has ever tried to take pictures of children knows how challenging it can be. They don’t have attention spans, they don’t listen, and they switch from happy to grumpy within seconds for seemingly no reason at all.

As a professional family portrait photographer, I’ve picked up a few tricks over the years to get good photos with uncooperative kids. Below are all my ‘secrets’ for working with kids, and creating a successful photo shoot with children and families.

Camera and Setup

Take a lot of photos – Children’s expressions change in an instant, as a result, I sometimes take upwards of 30 photos for the same pose. If there are multiple kids, pay attention to each kid and make sure you get an expression you like from everyone. You can always composite the photos later (see next tip).

Composites – With multiple people in the same photo, it’s sometimes really hard to get a usable expression from everyone. If you follow the above tip to take lots of photos and get at least one usable photo of everyone, then you should be able to make a composite in Photoshop.

If the photos are from the same pose in the same lighting conditions, a composite should only take a few minutes once you know what you’re doing.

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