12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your First Wedding Photography Job

Before you take the plunge into wedding photography, here are some important things to consider

Are my skills ready for this?

This should be the most obvious one, but it can also be the most challenging to face. You may know your camera like the back of your hand, but there are a variety of other skills required to pull off a wedding. A large part of the day centers around figuring out logistics, scheduling, and a million other things that have nothing to do with f-stops or shutter speeds.

You also have to account for the pressure that you’ll be under on the wedding day. If you have never tested your photography skills in a tense situation, it’s worth starting a little smaller and working your way up. You don’t want to freeze in front of a bridal party that’s eager to get to cocktail hour.

Are you going to use an assistant or a second shooter?

An extra set of hands and eyes can make a huge difference when shooting a wedding, but picking the wrong person can make things even more difficult.

Your first challenge is finding an assistant who doesn’t mind working with someone on their first wedding. Your assistant’s reputation is on the line as well as yours, and if you’re unproven, it can be risky to accept the assignment. Tapping someone you know and are comfortable with is a big plus.

You also have to decide how much you can pay your assistant. Some second shooters are aspiring firsts who will work for cheap in exchange for experience. But you can’t offer much in the way of guidance, so make sure to carve out a fair part of your budget to pay your helper.

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